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In 2016, DOSFARM received a certificate of compliance of the quality assurance system with international GMP standards.


The Department of Chemistry and Technology of Organic Substances, Natural Compounds and Polymers of the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology has close ties on mutual cooperation with “DOSFARM” LLP.

Within the framework of cooperation, it is planned to jointly develop or evaluatethe educational programs for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies; providingopportunities for students / graduates of Al-FarabiKazNUto take practical courses and internships in the Company; training future personnel for the Company after preliminary agreement on the criteria and the number of required staff; participation of the Company’s employees in the final state attestation of graduates of Al-FarabiKazNU; and holding lectures, master classes, seminars from the Company to improve the knowledge of students at Al-FarabiKazNU.

The pharmacovigilance system of "DOSFARM" LLP is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Standard of Good Pharmacovigilance Practice, approved by the state body in the field of circulation of medicines and medical devices.

DOSFARM has extensive experience, considers proposals and is actively practicing Contract Manufacturing, both for Kazakhstani and foreign customers.

DOSFARM is Kazakhstan's first manufacturer of products in unidose, multidose containers and plastic ampoules. Our plant was the first to introduce this technology in the Republic.

DOSFARM is a quality product. We boldly say that our plant is the production of effective, safe and high-quality medicines. Our responsibility is the guarantee of your health. We pay great attention to our products and their availability to you.