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BFS technology

Today, the best technology for aseptic production of pharmaceutical products that is recognized worldwide is the BFS technology ("Blow-Fill-Seal"). It provides high sterility of solutions, as well as simultaneous blowing of the bottle, infusion of solution into the bottle and its sealing.



  • The aseptic BFS process combines the blowing of a polymeric drug container, its sterile filling and hermetic sealing in a single operation. These processes are performed in one work cycle, which takes from 10 to 18 seconds.
  • The BFS system automates all necessary actions; the operating mode completely excludes any intervention of plant personnel in the forming, filling and sealing zones.

  • The medicine is placed in the container automatically at the filling stage and immediately sealed by thermal welding. This ensures absolute sterility of the finished product and, consequently, a guarantee of safety for patients

  • Equipment of the leading European manufacturer - Rommelag (Switzerland).




Produced without the use of preservatives, which avoids toxic effects on the body. Preservatives reduce the effect of the treatment and/or cause allergies.




  • Minimal human intervention in the production process.

  • High level of sterility.

  • Environmental safety: ay emissions during production are reduced to zero.

  • Personal safety: the use of BFS containers is absolutely safe compared to package made of glass.

  • Easy to transport: the weight of polyethylene package is much lower than glass package.

  • Products in BFS package are virtually impossible to tamper with.

  • Greater productivity than traditional technologies.

  • A high level of safety, a guarantee for the consumer is the main advantage of using this technology in the modern pharmaceutical industry.